Trifocal Lenses

The New Standard in Multifocal Lens Technology

When it comes to vision correction and optometry, many people think they must choose between glasses or contacts. Yet, a third option has become increasingly popular. Trifocal lenses are multifocal lenses that provide clear vision at three different distances. At Krisel Eye Care in Davie, FL, we are proud to provide trifocal lenses for eye care as the new standard in multifocal lens technology. Let's look at how trifocal lenses can benefit you.

Trifocal Lenses

How Do Trifocal Lenses Work?

Most people have heard of bifocals, which are glasses with two different prescription eyeglasses for distance vision and one for reading. Trifocals are used for distance and reading but provide an intermediate range of vision. This range can be helpful for people who often find themselves looking up from work to answer questions or check something across the room.

Trifocal lenses have two areas of vision on the lens. The top portion is for distance vision, while the bottom is for close-up work like reading. The third area is for intermediate distances. Prescription lenses can be made with either progressive or bifocal lenses. Progressive lenses gradually change a prescription from top to bottom, while bifocal eyeglasses have a visible line separating the two areas of vision. Trifocal lenses usually have a bar, which is less noticeable than bifocals.

If you think trifocals might be right for you, talk to our optometrist about whether they would be a good option for your specific needs.

Eye Conditions Trifocals Can Treat

After an eye exam, two common eye conditions that trifocals can help with are presbyopia and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Presbyopia is a condition that typically occurs around 40 when the lens of the eye becomes less flexible and less able to focus on close objects. This inability to focus can make reading and other close-up tasks difficult. Trifocal exams and lenses can help presbyopic patients by giving them long-distance, intermediate, and near vision.

AMD is a degenerative disease of the macula, the small retina's central portion responsible for sharp central vision loss. While there is no cure for AMD, low-vision devices can help patients make the most of their remaining vision. For example, trifocal exams and lenses can provide a wider field of view than bifocals or single-vision glasses, making it easier for patients to see objects at all distances.

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